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What is “Trading Fund”?

This is a unique product that is designed for Crypto Funds. The platform allows to set up investors by international compliance rules and operate with their funds on Crypto Market. Funds can be granted to the Fund remotely with API keys or receive direct deposits to the Fund’s account. Traders of the fund can easily copy trading of their strategies into many investor’s accounts. Incomes, trading data is always available in investors’ cabinets and the admin panel.


Problems that investors are facing

  • Investors are transferring crypto to traders’ accounts. That creates a huge variety for manipulation on traders’ side that can lead to direct losses.
  • Investors usually do not have any legal agreements with traders. That creates a possibility for misunderstanding of responsibilities of each side.
  • Investors can be cheated by fake traders. That is causing direct losses of funds with a low possibility of return.

Problems that traders are facing

  • Traders can manage stolen cryptocurrency without knowing this. This can lead to serious accusations of money laundering.
  • Traders encounter uncontrollable risk when investors make allegations of misconduct or claim insufficient profits.
  • Trading Platforms can block account during active trading session. That can lead to the liquidation of trading positions without the possibility to prevent it.


Trading Fund Platform is a solution

1. Transferring the relationship to the legal field

The Fund as a tool makes it possible, subject to compliance with all compliance procedures, to keep relations between investors and traders within the legal framework.

  • Ensuring adherence to the KYC protocols for verifying investors.
  • Checking the source of origin of the investor’s funds
  • Signing the agreement directly on the platform
  • AML cryptocurrency check
2. Safe asset management

The system we have developed allows fund managers to give traders access to the required amount of capital. Traders can also manage trades on several thousand investor trading accounts from one terminal, which can be accessed via API. Investors can decide how they want to provide access to their capital: through API keys or by transferring funds to the official wallet of the fund.

3. Transparency in yield calculations

The investor sees the profitability of his portfolio directly in the cabinet. The information is transmitted in real time from the trading terminal of the fund’s traders.


Game Changer Features


The unique trading system provides convenient control and distribution of trading volumes between traders.


The system provides transparent reports on all performed operations and the profitability of the investor's portfolio. Investors can track their investments and keep abreast of the current status in the corresponding section of their cabinet.

KYC & Compliance

Compliance procedures are implemented already in the system. That helps to make KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures and track the purity of crypto funds (Know Your Transaction).


Investors just transfer their API keys to manage trades without having to directly withdraw funds and trader money. In the case of investors contributing directly to the platform fund, it is under the regulatory laws of the place of incorporation.


Access of Investors to profits & loses data is granted in the Investor's cabinet.


Legal Setup

We take care of opening a fund in 3 months and prepare the whole legal framework.

Compliance Services

The StarCompliance team can take care of all issues with the verification of new investors and compliance with all procedures.

Verification of accounts

A dedicated compliance team will take care of the verification of business accounts on the trading platforms.

Checking of crypto for AML

All transactions will be verified by the global AML tracking tool - Chainalysis.

Crypto Fraud Protection

Cryptocurrency marking system in TOP AML services will allow blocking lost cryptocurrency on more than 200 crypto platforms.

Fast KYC procedures

Comply with regulations, safeguard your reputation with payment partners, and steer clear of fraud with ease.


Taras Podgorodetskyi

CEO, Co-Founder

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