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What is Crypto Processing SAAS

Optimize your payment infrastructure with Crypto Processing SAAS. Accept and process cryptocurrency payments effortlessly while ensuring security and compliance. Our software offers advanced functionality, including robust AML checks and streamlined transactions. With real-time transaction tracking, automated reporting, and easy reconciliation, accounting is simplified. Get information, track revenue, and optimize financial transactions. Speed your time to market with our efficient solution and secure infrastructure.


Problems with providers:

  • Using a third-party provider is fraught with blocking from accidentally accepting dirty funds into your account. In this case, the entire account deposit is blocked, not just the transaction with the marked cryptocurrency.
  • Using a large cryptoprocessing service with many clients can lead to dirty cryptocurrency being deposited into your account.
  • The use of global cryptoprocessing may result in higher fees for your transactions. High fees offered by other providers can significantly increase the cost of payments and transactions, which is especially important for businesses looking to optimize their costs and increase profits.

Problems of in-house solutions:

  • The problem of self-writing software code. Requires highly skilled developers with specialized knowledge of cryptography, blockchain, and security. This can cause significant financial costs for training, hiring, and maintaining a team of developers.
  • Frequent change in cryptoprocessing support staff increases the risk of loss of service maintenance, it can lead to its termination. With us, you always have a team of developers who will help you and insure you.
  • Implementing and configuring cryptoprocessing on your own can be difficult. Integration with existing systems, as well as the configuration of rules and parameters, is required during system implementation.


What problems does our software solve?

1. Fast setup

You’ll get a ready cryptoprocessing in just a couple of days of work with our team. We’ll gather the requirements and do everything necessary to clearly adapt the system to you.

2. Easy integration

We offer fast and easy API integration for web-based server2server customers as well as those with mobile apps. In addition, we are happy to provide custom APIs for customers with specific business needs. Each user gets a unique wallet to fund their account on your platform.

3. Advanced compliance (KYC, AML, KYT)

We provide you with the comprehensive services of our highly experienced compliance team, which specializes in regulatory across the cryptocurrency sector. Checking each transaction aims to identify any potential instances of dirty or stolen cryptocurrency, which we will notify you about, and will solve the issue by our offering you an added layer of security.


SAAS Crypto Processing by the book

Transaction Risk Management (KYT)

The system automatically checks all incoming funds and if it detects dirty cryptocurrency, it sends it to a completely different address, so it does not contact the main purse. It is also possible to manage the risk of each merchant, low, high and medium risk.

Dedicated Nodes
& Wallets

Set up a vertical organizational and financial system, creating an unlimited number of merchants on dedicated nodes that can be configured to meet the specific needs of the business. Each merchant can have an unlimited number of customers. For each customer - a complete set of crypto wallets and invoice-embedded solutions.

API for

Our documentation is written clearly and concisely, making it easy to understand even the most complex concepts.

Dedicated Team
& Allocated Hours

This can include developing additional features, integrating with existing systems, or customizing the software to meet your branding and user experience requirements alone.


Accept different cryptocurrencies from clients, and get fiat USD, EUR or AED on your bill.


Legal Setup

We take care of opening a fund in 3 months and prepare the whole legal framework.

Compliance Services

The StarCompliance team can take care of all issues with the verification of new investors and compliance with all procedures.

Verification of accounts

A dedicated compliance team will take care of the verification of business accounts on the trading platforms.

Checking of crypto for AML

All transactions will be verified by the global AML tracking tool - Chainalysis.

Crypto Fraud Protection

Cryptocurrency marking system in TOP AML services will allow blocking lost cryptocurrency on more than 200 crypto platforms.

Fast KYC procedures

Comply with regulations, safeguard your reputation with payment partners, and steer clear of fraud with ease.


Taras Podgorodetskyi

CEO, Co-Founder

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