Crypto Exchanger

Launch crypto exchange business in under a month


What included

  • Ready software for crypto exchange
  • Crypto Processing for business merchants
  • Ready licenses in one of 10 regulations
  • Card-acquiring with fees as low as 5,5%

When buying soft + license – Acquiring is included

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Problem & Solution

Retail niche

Competitors soft
  • Tough KYC process
  • Long support response
  • Limited payment methods

Users need high entry-level skills to buy crypto on trading platforms.

  • Easy KYC
  • Fast support
  • 60+ payment methods

Beginners friendly UI/UX experience, type payment details and receive crypto.

Corporate niche

Competitors soft
  • Long setup in the payment system
  • Chargeback related problems
  • High payroll reserves

Payment companies require a license to know who and where to send the funds withdrawn from the cards. The process for setting up corporate clients is long and unclear.

  • Payment Pages (SDK)
  • High level of compliance
  • Ready to go equiring

Cryptocurrency exchanger can be good alternative to classic acquiring for Merchants. Exchanger verifies the buyer of the cryptocurrency. The buyer decides how to use his/her crypto funds.


All-round support to launch your own digital exchange

empower retail

Empower your business with a borderless payment method. Accept Bitcoin and other coins for deposit and get paid directly to your bank account in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD or AUD.


Military-grade security, easy-to-use platforms, with powerful P&L analysis and CRM which gives you access to full scope of functionality with your clients since day 1.

Bank accounts and Payment integrations

We offer your current model; you can use any type of bank account and over 60+ payment methods inside your boxed exchange solution.

Crypto license & Legal

Get a package that includes traffic from top famous tabloids and ranking websites to bring more customers to your business.

Mangement Team

A team of highly qualified, professional managers will support your exchanger processes and tailor them to your business needs. We also provide team consultations and training for product support management.


Visa / Mastercard acquiring

We help you open an acquiring for accepting cards on your site.

Compliance Services

The StarCompliance team can take care of all issues with the verification of new investors and compliance with all procedures.

Verification of accounts

A dedicated compliance team will take care of the verification of business accounts on the trading platforms.

Checking of crypto for AML

All transactions will be verified by the global AML tracking tool - Chainalysis.

Crypto Fraud Protection

Cryptocurrency marking system in TOP AML services will allow blocking lost cryptocurrency on more than 200 crypto platforms.

Fast KYC procedures

Comply with regulations, safeguard your reputation with payment partners, and steer clear of fraud with ease.


Taras Podgorodetskyi

CEO, Co-Founder

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