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OTC Platform with liquidity

OTC – is an innovative service for OTC transactions for exchanging bank transfers for cryptocurrency by the requirements of regulators. Platform able to provide fast and secure verification in 4-8 hours. Payment infrastructure supports exchange of BTC/ETH/USDT to USD, AED currencies. The user-friendly cabinet makes it easy to execute trades, providing simplicity and reliability.

  • Opening a company for OTC trades
  • Integration into the ready infrastructure for exchange in USD, AED, EUR
  • Dedicated compliance team will take care of risks


OTC market problems

  • Customers are experiencing difficulties due to the fact that verification at major OTC desks takes months.
  • During the verification process on the OTC platform, it requests an excessively large number of documents.
  • Large OTC firms show reluctance in serving individuals involved in check exchanges surpassing up to $8 million.
  • Communication tends to prioritize upholding its own rules rather than fostering an open dialogue with the customer.
  • Redundant interfaces and the complexity of conducting OTC transactions on other trading platforms.


Specialized OTC solution

1. Convenient and fast OTC process

The platform provides only OTC transactions and has a user-friendly interface understandable to a beginner. Registration and verification take minutes. Convenient cabinet for access to OTC trades.

2. Integration into the fiat infrastructure

OTC broker is integrated into the ready fiat infrastructure and has already coordinated procedures with partners, which allows you to earn immediately and not spend money to build an expensive crypto infrastructure.

3. Complying with Compliance Procedures

Integrated cryptocurrency verification services (KYT) and customer verification services (KYC) allow us to always monitor the purity of funds for our clients, and prevent the use of dirty cryptocurrency in OTC.


Features of OTC Platform

Ready fiat infrastructure

OTC platform offers a regulated over-the-counter cryptocurrency exchange, which sets it apart from most competitors in the market. This gives you an advantage and an opportunity to attract customers who are looking for a reliable and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

OTC strictly follows regulatory requirements, which ensures legal compliance and customer confidence. This allows you to build a stable and long-term business while complying with all necessary rules and regulations.

Robust OTC

OTC Market offers cryptocurrency exchange for popular pairs such as BTC/ETH/USDT and USD, AED currencies. This expands your target audience and provides more options for customers.


Legal Setup

We take care of opening a fund in 3 months and prepare the whole legal framework.

Compliance Services

The StarCompliance team can take care of all issues with the verification of new investors and compliance with all procedures.

Verification of accounts

A dedicated compliance team will take care of the verification of business accounts on the trading platforms.

Checking of crypto for AML

All transactions will be verified by the global AML tracking tool - Chainalysis.

Crypto Fraud Protection

Cryptocurrency marking system in TOP AML services will allow blocking lost cryptocurrency on more than 200 crypto platforms.

Fast KYC procedures

Comply with regulations, safeguard your reputation with payment partners, and steer clear of fraud with ease.


Taras Podgorodetskyi

CEO, Co-Founder

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