Unblock your Binance Account

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Unblock trading accounts in just a few days

We take care of
communication & documents

Over 50 successful cases of unblocked accounts in 2020

100% money back
guarantee if unsuccessful

Results oriented
approach to compliance

Steps our compliance team takes to unblock your account


Investigate case

We carefully gather and review all the information for your case starting with the day the blocking of your account occurred.

2 days

Provide Solution

Prepare qualified answers for the compliance team of the trading platform.

3 days


Communicate with the support team to negotiate the unblocking of your account.

3-10 days

Unblock account

Unblock your account and help you withdraw previously frozen funds.

1-2 days

Why should you choose StarExchange team to unblock your accounts?

  • We never request access to your account

  • All communication is done from your account

  • Only you have access to your account at all times

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Please note, Star Exchange FZC will never offer buying or investing in cryptocurrencies, we do not provide cryptocurrency storage as a cryptocurrency wallet, we do not conduct ICOs, and we do not provide investment or trading advice. Star Exchange FZC is exclusively engaged in softwares development and sales of this softwares.